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Here you can find current ongoing research on 3DRACS, underdeveloped algorithms, features, and GUI, etc.

Jul 22 2013

2D DICOM (CT) Images to 3D STL Mesh Conversion using 3DRACS v1.7.0

How about to move into medical industry? just a try… Now you will be able to convert Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance (MR), CR, US scan images into triangular mesh. After that you can print out using 3D printing tech. 200 DICOM images of a human brain are imported in 3DRACS v1.7.0 and converted into …

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Jul 22 2013

Correct Normals and Triangle Edges Winding (3DRACS v1.7.0)

Whenever we deal with triangles in 3D graphics, there is always a chance to face one terrible issue that is triangle/edge winding. It is like hell important for a lot of advanced algorithms because of normal vectors. I started to code this algorithm 6 months ago, spent weekends, days and nights, and still couldn’t code …

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Jun 29 2013

Enjoy 2D images in 3D environment using 3DRACS v1.7.0

Now you can enjoy 2D images in 3D environment using 3DRACS v1.7.0. Several 3D tools can also be applied along with 3D animation. More than 14 image formats are going to be supported including jpg, bmp, png, tif, etc.. Have fun… 🙂

Jun 21 2013

Capturing Color and Texture of an Object in Real-time 3D Scanning using 3DRACS v1.7.0

Finally, 3DRACS v1.7.0 crossed its limits. See its real-time 3D scanning power. Now any real-world object can be scanned with its original color and texture. Wait for the new version.    

Nov 16 2012

Realtime 3D reconstruction in action (video)

This video shows that how we can perform real-time 3D surface scanning in 3DRACS v1.2.2. It also presents the way of making the same centers of projector and camera lenses which is important for accurate 3D measurements. Reconstructed shape can be further analyze by observing graphs of different cross-sections.

Nov 12 2012

Borders in Phase Shifting Patterns Window & Resize Option

1) Added Borders in Phase Shifting Patterns window as suggested by Daniel. 2) Added resize option to all scanning related windows in order to save screen space. (suggested by Daniel)

Nov 04 2012

New version 1.2.2 is comming with 3D-Studio (*.3ds) file format!

Now 3DRACS v1.2.2 has ability to import and process 3D-studio file format.    

Nov 04 2012

Working on Real-time Surface (triangular mesh) Scan

Real-time Surface Scan: Real-time point cloud scanning is already done in previous versions. Now I am working on real-time surface scanning in which a user will be able to visualize the surface of the scanned model in real-time, even with the compatibility of post-processing features. After extracting point cloud, the triangular mesh is directly generated …

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Nov 04 2012

New version 1.2.2 will be anounced soon!

New features and changes: Pick And Delete Feature (in both modules 1) Real-time Structured-light Scanning 2) Real-time Virtual 3D Scanner) Ability to save real-time phase-shifted images Updated GUI Improvements in Real-time Scanning modules Clean from bugs

Nov 04 2012

Working on “Pick And Delete” Feature

Post Processing of Scanned Point Cloud: It has much importance in all kinds of scanning systems because sometime the scanned point cloud has some noisy or unwanted points/vertices that should be removed before exporting to triangular model. Therefore, I am working on this algorithm in which User will be able to pick the noisy or …

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