Intraoral Scanner

A software system is developed for an intraoral scanner that can be used for the measurement of tooth profiles in the mouth cavity. Structured Light technology is utilized for 3D surface acquisition. The system controls a laser diode (LD) beam, a micro charge-coupled device (CCD), a graticule, and a piezoelectric transducer (PZT). The system performs various image processing techniques in order to measure microscale 3D objects.


  • The system can control laser beam, camera, and piezoelectric transducer in real-time 3D scanning.
  • Computer generated fringe patterns can also be utilized in order to analyze the fringe generated by the graticule.
  • Moiré patterns can be generated and implemented.
  • Phase can be wrapped using 3-step, 4-step, 5-step, and Carré algorithms.
  • Phase unwrapping can be performed using left-to-right, flood-fill, and multilevel quality guided algorithms.
  • Camera calibration can be used for any camera.
  • System calibration can be performed using various phase-to-coordinate conversion algorithms.
  • The reconstructed point cloud data can also be exported into triangular surfel model.
  • The system supports various well-known 3D mesh formats such as *.stl, *.obj, and *.ply.



This video presents 3D scanning of a jig using an intraoral scanning system. Structured light (Fringe projection) technology is utilized using piezoelectric transducer. All devices are controlled from the software system internally e.g. Polhemus, CCD, Laser, piezoelectric , etc.

Intraoral Scanner in Action


In this video the real-time 3D scanning of teeth is performed. (The software was in beginning stage at that time.)

Intraoral Scanner in Action




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  1. Aytekin

    Hi Furqan,
    Do you have a demo of this program?

    1. Dr. Furqan
      Dr. Furqan

      You mean for intraoral scanning ? demo of intraoral ? or for scanning of any object ? You can visit here, using 3DRACS v1.2.2 you can scan any object just with 4 clicks 🙂 .

      1. Aytekin

        Yes looked at version 1.2.2, and is very successful. but intraoral (1.0.8) version will be more convenient to me.

        1. Dr. Furqan
          Dr. Furqan

          Good to know you have experienced 3DRACS. I understand but IOS software is in beta version and I am still working on it. The project is also not yet finished, so, you have to wait please.

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