Jul 22 2013

2D DICOM (CT) Images to 3D STL Mesh Conversion using 3DRACS v1.7.0

How about to move into medical industry? just a try…
Now you will be able to convert Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance (MR), CR, US scan images into triangular mesh. After that you can print out using 3D printing tech.
200 DICOM images of a human brain are imported in 3DRACS v1.7.0 and converted into STL mesh.

2D DICOM Images to 3D STL Mesh

2D DICOM Images to 3D STL Mesh

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Dr. Furqan

Dr. Furqan


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  1. dj choi

    Dear Furqan,
    Can you please let me know if I can convert Ultrasonic scan (Sonography) into ‘stl’ or ‘slc’ format.
    As far as I know Sonography is captured as dicom files (as law data file is dicom).

    Want to know if I can use 3DRACS v1.7.0 for ‘stl or slc’ file format for 3D printing.

    Thanks for your comment.

    Best regards.

  2. Dr. Furqan
    Dr. Furqan

    Dear choi,
    I am not sure about Ultrasonic images, but my software can important files with *.dcm extension. You can test my software by importing your desired image files. Put all the dcm files into one folder, press import and select one of the image files. Then you will need to adjust the threshold value. I think you will know it when you import image files. Thanks. Regards:

  3. Ionut

    Do you use marching cubes algorithm?

    1. Dr. Furqan
      Dr. Furqan

      Yes… You can use ITK for that…

  4. Hameed

    Dear Mr. Dicom images can be converted to .STL format or any 3d model, contact : To, Mohammed Abdul hameed,~~ Dazztech Solutions Sdn Bhd.,~~ Malaysia, phone number:+603-78043310

  5. Jung-in, Kim

    Do it possible 3D STL file convert to CT dicom file inversely?

    1. Dr. Furqan
      Dr. Furqan

      I think that would call Slicing Technique, this is what 3D printers and some CNC softwares are doing. Search with Slicing algorithm for 3D Mesh.

  6. poia69

    Hi, there is a DICOM to STL conversion service at http://www.armorbionics.com

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