Feb 17 2013

BlueStacks installation failed. Error 25001. You seem to have Bitdefender antivirus installed. BlueStacks is currently not complible with Bitdefender. [Solved] – (Updated on 2013-10-06)

Updated on 2013-10-06:

I have successfully installed this new MSI of Bluestacks with Bitdefender 2012 IS in Windows 7 32bit and played Angry Birds game.
You can download this new MSI from the following link:
Download link:   (BlueStacks_HD_AppPlayerPro_setup_REL.msi – 103MB)
Now you do not need to change or patch this MSI. Just download it, install, and enjoy playing.
Have fun guys and don’t forget to give me feedback… 🙂
BlueStacks for Windows (Works fine with Bitdefender IS)

BlueStacks for Windows (Works fine with Bitdefender IS)



OLD Post:

I have spent 3-4 hours by the way on google, but couldn’t find the solution. Then I thought why don’t I find by myself. So here is the solution. Very simple.

  1. Download – BlueStacks_HD_AppPlayerPro_setup_0.7.8.829_REL.msi (102 MB).
  2. Unpack with Universal Extractor (http://www.legroom.net/software/uniextract) by right clicking on the MSI and select UniExtract to Subdir
  3. Go inside of the folder – BlueStacks_HD_AppPlayerPro_setup_0.7.8.829_REL
  4. Download MSI reader InstEd (http://www.instedit.com/) Application
  5. Open unpacked BlueStacks_HD_AppPlayerPro_setup_0.7.8.829_REL.msi (1.86 MB) in the InstEd application
  6. From the left menu list, select InstallExecuteSequence, on the right side find ChechAV entry. You will find “$RuntimeComponent > 2” replace 2 with 100. like this.. $RuntimeComponent > 100…In this way you will also find some conditions, also do the same change if you are having issue about RAM, graphics card etc.
  7. Save the file from the file menu
  8. Close InstEd.
  9. Now Run saved MSI, it will works like charm.
  10. Add C:\Program Files\BlueStacks folder in the exclusion list of Bitdefender.
  11. Enjoy and have fun. 🙂

I think version number [something like] doesn’t matter. Whatever you can download, this process will work on that.

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Dr. Furqan

Dr. Furqan


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  1. Witjok

    Thank you.

    1. 9920689960

      thankyou vert much

  2. modi

    i did that…but after dawnlaoad….it work without entry to app…only dawnload

  3. Florin Diaconescu

    Thank you very much!

    1. az

      hey does it work ??

  4. Zed

    sorry, but i’ve been trying this for a while now and it doesn’t work…

    1. Dr. Furqan
      Dr. Furqan

      Hello Zed, what is not working now.. did you do step# 10?

      1. az

        what it’s mean by exclusion list of bitdefender??

  5. Carol

    perfect, works!!!

    1. 9920689960

      Now I can install it but cant run it …
      It just keep on with loading and never moves on …
      Please help .

  6. Fread Durst

    It keeps loading & loading…

    1. joro

      me too.
      keep on loading till the end.
      help please
      im using bitdef antivirus plus 2012

      1. JS

        if it keeps loading, u need to uninstall the old one first. it worked for me

  7. Melisande Val

    BlueStacks launch screen appears but it keeps loading.. Doesn’t go to next step.. please help!!

  8. John Smith

    It just keeps loading man, but I’ll keep it on for about an hour to see if something happens

  9. Uros Nikolic

    Now I can install it but cant run it …
    It just keep on with loading and never moves on …
    Please help .

    1. vibhuti sharma

      i have same problem with it….itz nt installing

  10. Chong

    thank you very much 😀

    1. Chong

      but it stucks at loading

  11. fck

    keep stuck loading

  12. dirtas123

    Thanks xD

  13. cokerz

    this shit does not work, don’t waste your time reading, after installng it will just load forever, the app player will never run

  14. teddy

    i followed everything precisely and i can open bluestacks but it.s loading for 1 hour now.. i restarted and still the same problem 🙁

  15. Shishir

    Stuck on the load screen.. please help!

  16. chris

    The same for me… I’m stucked on the loading screen…
    Any suggestions to fix this? 😉

  17. Martin


    I’ve done all the steps, but when opening the bluestacks program it gets stuck on the loading screen indefinitely. If I close it, restarting from the system tray doesn’t work, though I can quit it from there and reopen if I disable bitdefender via the task manager.

    When I do do this, it stays in the loading screen however.

    Have you found a way around this?

    1. Dr. Furqan
      Dr. Furqan

      martin please check @awesomejeremy msg below.

  18. J

    I cant find ChechAV

    1. Martin

      It’s avtually checkAv-found in the tables heading

  19. Aaron Lee

    Thank you

  20. santosh

    i/m not able to install bluestacks. error 25000 comes every now and than. i dont have also graphic card in my pc. is it pssible to instal bluestacks app with out graphic card??

  21. awesomejeremy

    Instead of downloading all those files and extracting them just use Orca MSI editor


    The latest offline Bluestacks installer can be found at


    Right click the offlineHD*.msi and select edit with Orca, then (ctrl-f) to find any lines with ‘CheckMsiSignature’ and delete them. This allows the program to run after being edited.

    Then (Ctrl-f) for ‘CheckAV’ entry. You will find 2 of them, we only need ‘$RuntimeComponent > 2’. Replace 2 with 100. like this.. ‘$RuntimeComponent > 100’ this gets rid of the bit defender check.

    Save / Exit / Run installer.

    If you want to increase the Bluestacks memory capacity you will need to ‘root’ the android system.



    To install this you will need to close Bluestacks from your computer, run ‘\HD-Quit.exe’ From your installation directory in the ‘program files\Bluestacks’ or ‘program files (x86)\Bluestacks’ directories

    Open the Task Master and make sure all of the Bluestacks files have been closed.

    Then copy the ‘Bluestacks’ folder in the archive to your ‘C:\ProgramData\’ folder, if you can’t find that it is hidden from windows. select yes to overwrite files.



    If you would like to have a better resolution for Bluestacks (only for better computers with bigger displays)

    It is a *.reg file but downloads as a *reg.txt file, just delete the .txt segment and then run the file, select yes through all the warnings.

    And there you have it, up to date rooted Bluestacks Android emulator running on a computer with Bitdefender and high resolution with increased ram, rom and sd card capacity.


    Is a good program to use if you have games / apps from bittorrent and want the validity check removed.


    Is a good home screen replacement. But realistically ADW Launcher is better but it costs a few dollars and there are many free themes floating around for it.

    1. Dr. Furqan
      Dr. Furqan

      @awesomejeremy thanks for your detailed help … I really appreciate.. 🙂

    2. AylaAsperger

      I installed BlueStacks according to these instructions (using Orca) but I can’t get past the loading screen. What can I do to fix this?

    3. pinknotty



        i have done all steps in this forum and my issue is not covered or steps provided do not work i have done them all from top to bottom 4 times, please do not send me this link again since it is not solveing my issue hence the reason i replied

    4. izhar_specky

      Right click the offlineHD*.msi and select edit with Orca, then (ctrl-f) to find any lines with ‘CheckMsiSignature’ and delete them. This allows the program to run after being edited.

      the file “offlineHD”, where and how I could find them? Do I have to UniExtract to Subdir first? please help me 🙁

      1. izhar_specky

        nevermind, I misread your step just now..already follow all the steps,still same problem that the bluestack is loading for hours..how can i solve this??

    5. molly

      thank you 🙂

  22. awesomejeremy

    Oh damn, I had it working with an older version i assumed it would work on the newer one. I’ll have to suss out why that is.

    1. awesomejeremy

      Should work okay with an older version of Bluestacks. I’ll find a work around for the new version.

  23. awesomejeremy

    So I have been going through my logs and wow this is a nasty piece of software. Pretty much it can tell that ‘Compatibility mode property overrides found.’

    It then goes on to install software that blocks it’s own software from working.

    So it’s nothing wrong with Bitdefender, I wasted hours trying different hacks with the firewall and trying to allow items through the scanner for nothing.

    Bluestacks actually inhibits itself from loading if Bitdefender services are running, not because Bitdefender is interfering with the program.

    Albeit this could just be a preventative method in case Bitdefender actually messes with Bluestacks coding.

    You can find the related file locations in the Bitdefender firewall allowances.

    I’m going to see if I delete the files and the following Bitdefender rules if it changes anything.

    1. Dr. Furqan
      Dr. Furqan

      Yea you are right… all we need is some more time 😉

  24. niranjoy

    thanks buddy!!!! but you must make the video tutorial it will be more better thanks!!!

    1. pinknotty

      agreed..or maybe insert some screenshot in this entry would be more helpful too…

  25. Beni

    Any word if you found out how to make the new version work?

  26. awesomejeremy

    Not yet, I have tried every bypass and hack I can think of, they just don’t work together.


    Are looking in to it for me also.

    We may just have to wait for an updated software that works with BD.

  27. Saloni

    Hey! I installed Bluestacks earlier and it was working perfectly.
    Then later when i was updating bluestacks to its latest version , the installation never got successfully completed.

    I uninstalled it and then installed it again but it always gets stuck on the loading page! Could u please tell me what is going wrong?!

  28. Nef

    I just followed this procedure. By the way, the step 2 I believe that is not necesary. Well, this procedure don’t work for me. The installer msi fails after I was edited the param 2 to 100 by troubles with the signature.

    Another solution?

  29. whyper

    I installed (Bittedfender doesn`t stop it -fine, i change the 2 into 100) such as awesomejeremy wrote with the same files.

    The start will be loaded but it won´t be ended.

    BS: Win 7 64 bit Bitdefender

  30. raj

    Hi ,
    I installed bluestack as per ur step and it is installed without any bitdefender error, but when i open it , it shows me “loading…” which never ends,
    Can you please let me know how to solve this issue.

    My system is Win7 64bit


    1. whyper

      Did you have got a solution. I’m not.

      1. raj

        nope, no solution till now. 🙁

        1. raj

          hi , any solution for this

  31. Jeremy Paul Stiles

    There is a large update coming out for bluestacks this week, hopefully it has fixed the integration with bitdefender.

  32. ram

    its just installed but not opend bro what shell i do now?

  33. aanyarai


  34. Dr. Furqan
    Dr. Furqan

    I have posted a new solution for Bluestacks installation with Bitdefender. Check updated section of the post and enjoy this new version.

  35. tom

    thanks !!!

  36. Lisa

    Download link: (BlueStacks_HD_AppPlayerPro_setup_REL.msi – 103MB)… hai bro,u mean this just simple download n install without edit anymore alse ?? pls reply..TQ

    1. Dr. Furqan
      Dr. Furqan

      Yes I think I have written the same.. No need to change anything, just download and install it.

  37. Lisa

    i uninstall it bro because that loading very long time in 2 hour i waiting the *loading* start bluestacks but i cannot wait and i think its not work.. its normal bro ??

  38. Lisa

    in normal time how long blustacks loading finish ??

  39. Lisa

    i used pc 1GB RAM 32bit windows 7pro…. complible with my Pc ??

    1. Dr. Furqan
      Dr. Furqan

      hmmm… really… I don’t think so, I have installed in two different PCs and in both PCs, it worked fine.. Did you download the new version MSI file.. It should work I think so. It should take just 1 min maximum or 30 sec may be to open.

      1. Lisa

        please help me to solve this bro..i tying to download but still fail.5 hour i do this i think :(((((…

  40. Lisa

    can u show or paste the new MSI file here bro ???

  41. Lisa

    new version MSI file …can u show link here…

    1. Dr. Furqan
      Dr. Furqan

      This is the new Link… http://goo.gl/tPh6G — Open this link using any browser..

      Can’t you see this Link at the top of the post.. ?
      Download link: (BlueStacks_HD_AppPlayerPro_setup_REL.msi – 103MB)

  42. Lisa

    Download MSI Package Builder Professional 4.5.3..

  43. Dr. Furqan
    Dr. Furqan

    No No not this one.. just download this BlueStacks from here.. http://goo.gl/tPh6G

  44. Rags

    It does work i am pleased to use this technique

  45. farah

    hiii bro…u mean i must download Bitdefender first ??even now i still cannot download the bluestack..

    1. Dr. Furqan
      Dr. Furqan

      No you dont need to download or install anything.. just download bluestacks from this link ( http://goo.gl/tPh6G ) .. it is 103 MB size file. Install it and run it, It should work fine.

  46. moom

    nice tutorial

  47. Sandoru

    So I have tried to install this and have come to this error: http://prntscr.com/1yxvs2
    I have tried the 2 options …
    Now I use a 64-bit system but in both versions do not go there!
    I uninstall anything!
    There must be another possibility to even without uninstalling it … Added to wars!

  48. Konvicted Steven

    the iinstalller has invalid digital signature

  49. Nick

    MSI didnt work with bitdefender 2014

  50. rakesh

    how to do step #10
    pls help …….

  51. méline

    je viens de lire la discussion sur l’incompatibilité de bidefender avec blue stacks… mais je n’ai rien compris à ce qu’il faut faire pour l’installation de blue stacks. serait-il possible d’avoir un tuto pour “presque débutant” ?… je galère pas mal !
    merci, si vous pouvez me répondre.

  52. Tom

    Confirm that it doesnt work with the newest Bitdefender
    can you help us with that (another work around maybe, even the old way with editing stuff doesnt work)

  53. Jocky

    I did it all step by step but this way do not work with bitdefender 2014 🙁

    i can install it but BlueStacks do not start completely. Bluestacs end in a continuous loop at the loading screen :/

  54. suleman

    dear i have installed bluestacks but its is like that is showing black after loading what should i do plz help

  55. suleman

    dear it is loading but not working its show black screen what should i do plz sugges me

  56. wu

    It cannot use now!
    I use bitdefender 2014 and the installation abort
    Please update
    Thank you so much!

  57. Pokelon

    Yes, same here unfortunately. Bitdefender 2014 and not working. 🙁
    I have sent an e-mail to their support as well, just in case, but if you have another (not too difficult solution).
    Thanks in advance!!!

  58. Stefan

    this procedure did not work for me. I downloaded the msi. It started porpely, but while installing the files a popup came up: “You seem to have bitdefender antivirus installed. BlueStacks is currently not compatible with bitdefender. Installation will now abort.”. The error code 25001 was not mentioned in the msi install (only in the exe install).

    i’m using win 8.1 pro x64 and bitdefender total security

    btw. please dont you the google short link. I had to check manualy where it links to, because I do not like to download from an unknow page.

  59. Stefan

    I parsed the log file. The important section is:

    MSI (s) (20:6C) [10:44:37:248]: Doing action: CheckAV
    Action 10:44:37: CheckAV.
    Action start 10:44:37: CheckAV.
    MSI (s) (20:58) [10:44:37:254]: Invoking remote custom action. DLL: C:\WINDOWS\Installer\MSI3D1F.tmp, Entrypoint: CheckAV
    SFXCA: Extracting custom action to temporary directory: C:\Users\Stefan\AppData\Local\Temp\MSI3D1F.tmp-\
    SFXCA: Binding to CLR version v2.0.50727
    Calling custom action CustomActions!Actions.CheckAV
    2014-01-14 10:44:37.726 14116:1: CheckAV called
    2014-01-14 10:44:37.768 14116:1: Return value of IsAVCHVmodloaded: 1
    Error 25001. You seem to have Bitdefender antivirus installed. BlueStacks is currently not compatible with Bitdefender. Installation will now abort.
    MSI (s) (20!A0) [10:54:04:639]: Product: BlueStacks App Player — Error 25001. You seem to have Bitdefender antivirus installed. BlueStacks is currently not compatible with Bitdefender. Installation will now abort.

    2014-01-14 10:54:04.642 14116:1: BitDefender module found loaded. Exiting.
    CustomAction CheckAV returned actual error code 1603 (note this may not be 100% accurate if translation happened inside sandbox)
    Action ended 10:54:04: CheckAV. Return value 3.
    Action ended 10:54:04: INSTALL. Return value 3.

    1. Stefan

      I tried editing the msi as descibed by you in your old post. It did install now. But the app player hangs on the load screen.

  60. vishav

    I have done all steps. but solutions are not working. stuck on “Loading….” message screen.

  61. husnainali9999

    Most common issue with BlueStacks is the loading problem which many people have complained about. I did some research on this and compiled a very simple solution which will help you get past this loading problem. First you would need to reinstall the application (follow above steps). Again: before you go ahead and reinstall this app, make sure of following:

    Give your user account full-control of ProgramData\\BlueStacks directory. That is, run it as administrator.

    In windows explorer:

    Navigate to C:\\ProgramData (if C is your Windows drive) – Note this not Program Files it is ProgramData.
    Locate & right-click the BlueStacks folder within C:\\ProgramData
    Select Properties
    Select Security Tab
    Find Your Widows User within the Group and User Names Window
    Select Edit
    You will need to select your Windows User within the Group and Users Name Window
    Assign Full Control and select OK
    Select OK again

    Now remove old BlueStacks and update to latest version of software.

    I Think Friends this can help you

    1. Dr. Furqan
      Dr. Furqan

      Thanks husnain for the explanation, It will really help us.

      1. ramanujam sekar

        can you please post a video Dr. Furqan ….

        1. Dr. Furqan
          Dr. Furqan

          will try…

  62. sid

    it didn’t work. it loads and loads endlessly.

  63. kashyap

    why u don’t post a video

  64. Skaanda


    I followed solution provided by Husnainali9999, install Ok but as previously, app doesn’t load at all or crashed if I run it as Administrator.

    I also tried to edit again the .MSI unsuccessfully….

    I’m under Window7 64bits.

    Many thanks for your help!

  65. wwe vengadesh

    super thanks for your help

  66. Brian

    with all the fixes and updated msi it installs with no issues but just sits at LOADING then times out and crashes it will not restart from the taskbar just sits. any further suggestions on this issue

  67. Theo

    Perfect. I’ve been looking everywhere and this is definitely the place to look. Thank you so much!

  68. PC Doc

    i have done all steps in this forum and my issue is not covered or steps provided do not work i have done them all from top to bottom 4 times, please do not send me this link again since it is not solveing my issue hence the reason i replied

  69. By

    Can u make a video please?

    1. Dr. Furqan
      Dr. Furqan

      can’t you see the Tutorial Video Link?

  70. Balu PSPK

    It Says Loding Bro Plese Help Us!!!

  71. JAON


  72. SchelZn

    I’ve just downloaded http://goo.gl/tPh6G
    Even if I try to install it, installation aborts because Bitdefender is installed (Bitdefender Total Security 2013)…
    What can I do?

    1. Car

      Same here, it still doesnt work with your new way.

  73. emil

    fck men it doesnt solve any of the problems, i tried them all but nothing works 0%

  74. Neeraj

    sir i have compaq610 core2 duo pross…i gb ram, inbuilt graphics(2d)…how can i install bluestack..i hav been tried all ur steps..but didn’t work, help me

  75. Tahla

    Where is the video?

  76. Sajin A S

    its works .thankz alot

  77. mahi

    I wrote this is reading this application requires at least 2 GB of physical memory?

  78. Mehmet

    it works, thank you so much

  79. Bulbulito Bayagbag

    I can’t believe you have to do all those fuss, I have a Bitdefender 2014 and I installed bluestacks on safemode and it works for me.

  80. wew

    it doesnt
    work 🙁

  81. adithya

    thanx bro

  82. isincerity

    Works like a charm, thanks a lot you saved my day!

    1. isincerity

      The Loading screen keeps loading forever, I tried both your method and the one from awesomejeremy.

  83. thank u

    oh , my god that problem was a big one!

  84. Nekraje

    Works like a charm

  85. darkarts


  86. saeed

    Thanks man … very nice

  87. Gamer735

    Guys this problem is only limited to the latest version of blue-stack.
    Just download bluestack version 0.9.6 here


    works fine.

  88. rehal01

    very very very poor tutorial, BlueStacks crashes after loading a bit ….

  89. rehal01

    thanks buddy @Gamer735, ur tip really saved my day. Thank you. It worked with the older version. Thumbs Up to u…

  90. Brett Leadmen

    Hello all!

    The system requirements for Bluestacks (please note that these might not be the correct technical specifications for this. So instead I will be giving you a rough estimate as there really is no tech specs for this software. Also; note that I am going by OpenGL support as well. For a better and more accurate answer) are :

    – OPENGL VERSION – 2.0 or higher.

    – OS – Windows XP SP3 or higher.

    – RAM – 1GB bare minimum, 2 gb of RAM or higher recommended.

    – CPU- 1.5GHZ or faster (for it to work with OpenGL 2.0)
    Intel Pentium 4, Pentium M, Pentium D processor or better, or AMD K-8 (Athlon) or better.

    – GPU – NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 or better graphics card,
    OR ATI Radeon 9600 or better graphics card,
    OR Intel GMA 4500 Integrated graphics or better graphics card. (Ensure your card supports OpenGL ES 2.0 API) (OpenGL 2.0 should already be installed. So you shouldn’t have to worry about it).

    – GPU VRAM – 128MB, 256MB or higher.

    – RESOLUTION – 1280×800, OR 1024 x 768 Minimum Resolution.

    – STORAGE – < 20 Gigabyte (Less than)


    – Administrator privileges required

    – Windows installer 4.5

    – Microsoft Net Framework 2.0 SP2

    – OpenGL ES 2.0 API

    – Thanks for reading.

    Also I should note that Gamer735 is also correct. Download 0.9.6 and your problems should disappear. If it is stuck on "downloading game data" after installing, simply use a VPN or proxy and it should work.

    ***********END OF TRANSMISSION***********

  91. Jaw

    Hey mate, While installing bluestacks I’m getting this error! “failed to install error: Length cannot be less than zero. Parameter name: length” I’ve tried a few things but it didn’t work. Don’t know what to do and I really it need it bro. Please help. I’d be very thankful to you if you help me with this.

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