Nov 05 2012

A New Video is Released “Real-time 3D Surface Scanning with Post-Processing”

Real-time 3D Surface Scanning with Post-Processing:

This video presents a full process of real-time 3D surface (triangular mesh) scanning using Virtual 3D Scanner and 3D Scanning Module in 3DRACS v1.2.2. It also demonstrates “Pick & Delete” feature, which can be used for mesh cleaning, and 3D-Studio (*.3ds) file format support.

3DRACS in Action

It also shows
How to scan a virtual 3d model,
How to delete unwanted/noisy points/triangles,
How to perform real-time 3d surface scanning,
How to use Real-time 3D Scanning Module (with or without reference plane), and
How to render materials, colors, and lights onto 3d model.

Video can be accessed here!




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