Nov 04 2012

Upgraded version of 3DRACS is released now.

3DRACS is upgraded to v1.2.2.1 on 2012-11-04.
Please go to Menu->About->Check for Updates and upgrade to new version.

New Features & Changes:
  • Added System Properties feature. User can set the default parameters, for example: size of Normals, Axis, Points/Dots, Grids, and Speed of animation, etc.
  • Fixed a bug when the user does not turn off the Real-time Surface Scan but try to process the mesh.


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Dr. Furqan

Dr. Furqan

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  1. Dr. Furqan
    Dr. Furqan

    Download link for 3DRACS v1.2.2.1 is http://real3d.pk/softwares.html

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