Dental Simulator

This is a surface-based virtual dental sculpting simulator based on auditory, visual, and tactile realities. The simulator can be used to perform different dental procedures (i.e., grinding, drilling, or surface scrubbing), and gain experience of using various virtual dental tools of different shapes. It makes the dentists feel safer when entering to perform the real operation task on the real patient.

The system consists of various sections such as
  • Model Reduction
  • Mesh Refinement
  • Collision detection
  • Local-based subdivision of triangles
  • Local model updating
  • Force feedback
  • Visual and sounder rendering

It is believed that during dental surgery procedures, a dentist must learn to operate dental instruments very precisely and develop a realistic sense of touch for the interaction of dental instrument with patient anatomy.

  • Model reduction can be performed for higher update rate.
  • Various triangular subdivision algorithms can be performed such as Loop, Sqrt(3), Butterfly, 9-Split, 4-Split, 3-Split, and Bi-tri.
  • Different kinds of dental tools (i.e., Spherical Excavator, Spherical Drilling Cutter, Cylindrical Cutter, and Cone Cutter) can be used for material removal operation.
  • All dental tools are surface-based modeled with good visual quality.
  • Collision detection algorithm is implemented using oriented bounding box (OBB).
  • Local-based triangle subdivision is performed.
  • Enhanced force filtering algorithm is used for tactile feelings.
  • Better visual quality
  • Realistic cutting sound
  • The simulation of material removal can be carried out on any scanned model from a commercial 3D dental scanner.

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