Apr 17 2015

How to Generate MOC Files for Headers and UI Files for Designs using Q_OBJECT in Visual Studio C++

Finally found a solution to get rid of Qt Creator forever. I really like to use visual studio which is far more convenient and with better features than Qt Creator. May be I am just addicted to it VS that’s why. Anyways… ************************************************************************/ /* How to generate Qt Moc files in Visual Studio 2010, 2012, …

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Apr 03 2014

Most Useful Online Tools To Know Everything About a Website

Most Useful Online Tools To Know Everything About a Website   Here are some of the most useful online tools that will help you know each and every detail of any website. just-ping.com — Use Just Ping to determine if a particular website or blog is accessible from other countries. Unlike other online ping services that …

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Sep 21 2013

Use any paid app in iOS 7 without paying anything (free of charge) and without Jailbreak

Install paid Apps in iPhone and iPad

  Good news for iOS (iPhone 3, 4, 5, 5c, 5s, iPad) users, now you can use paid apps in your device without paying anything (free of charge).   1. Just download and install the Windows software from the following link: http://ccpic.wanmeiyueyu.com/Data/product/setup/KYSetup_2111.exe Beta version 2014 Beta can be downloaded from here: http://down.tech.sina.com.cn/page/54816.html  Website link: http://app.kuaiyong.com   …

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Aug 31 2013

My Latest Application for Windows “System Information Retriever” Released on 2013-08-25

System Information Retriever | SIR is a small portable application for Windows that displays information of the system’s hardware and OS. It is a must have tool for every computer user, it does not require installation, you can run it directly from a USB flash drive, without worrying that it might affect your registry. It …

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Aug 11 2013

Finally, a Stable Version of 3DRACS, 1.8.0, has been Released on 2013-08-08

Finally, a new and stable version of 3DRACS, 1.8.0, has been released with lots of improvements in 3D scanning modules and robust phase unwrapping algorithms. Please go to Menu->About->Check for Updates and upgrade to a new version. or download from here: http://real3d.pk/softwares.html New features and changes in v1.8.0: Added a powerful phase unwrapping algorithm which …

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Aug 10 2013

3DRACS v1.7.0 was released on 2013-07-21‏ with lots of New Features

I am pleased to announce that a new version 3DRACS v1.7.0 has been released with many new interesting features with lots of memory fixes, improvements, and much more. Now it also allows you to view, convert, edit, and enhance 2D images in 3D environment. It has an array of features that include image viewing, smoothing, …

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Aug 02 2013

New videos of 3DRACS v1.7.0 have been released (3D Scanning and 3D PDF Creation)

1. Realtime 3D Scanning with Texture and Colors using 3DRACS v1.7.0 This tutorial video presents new features of 3DRACS which will be in version 1.7.0. 1. Scanning of an object with texture and colors 2. Show can in 3D display 2. Realtime Virtual 3D Scanner that Scans a Colorful Object This video shows you the …

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Jul 22 2013

2D DICOM (CT) Images to 3D STL Mesh Conversion using 3DRACS v1.7.0

How about to move into medical industry? just a try… Now you will be able to convert Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance (MR), CR, US scan images into triangular mesh. After that you can print out using 3D printing tech. 200 DICOM images of a human brain are imported in 3DRACS v1.7.0 and converted into …

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Jul 22 2013

Correct Normals and Triangle Edges Winding (3DRACS v1.7.0)

Whenever we deal with triangles in 3D graphics, there is always a chance to face one terrible issue that is triangle/edge winding. It is like hell important for a lot of advanced algorithms because of normal vectors. I started to code this algorithm 6 months ago, spent weekends, days and nights, and still couldn’t code …

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Jun 29 2013

Enjoy 2D images in 3D environment using 3DRACS v1.7.0

Now you can enjoy 2D images in 3D environment using 3DRACS v1.7.0. Several 3D tools can also be applied along with 3D animation. More than 14 image formats are going to be supported including jpg, bmp, png, tif, etc.. Have fun… 🙂

Jun 21 2013

Capturing Color and Texture of an Object in Real-time 3D Scanning using 3DRACS v1.7.0

Finally, 3DRACS v1.7.0 crossed its limits. See its real-time 3D scanning power. Now any real-world object can be scanned with its original color and texture. Wait for the new version.    

Jun 13 2013

New features in Windows 8.1 (Microsoft finally comes with Start Button)

Microsoft finally stepped down on Start Button.. my fav.. 😉 New features in Windows 8.1: 1. Windows 8.1 will come with good old Start button in Taskbar. It’ll launch Start Screen upon clicking. Currently Windows 8 users need to use 3rd party software to get Start button and Start Menu back. 2. Windows 8.1 will …

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Jun 06 2013

Finally, a new version 3DRACS v1.6.0 has been released on 2013-06-05 with many new features and improvements

I am pleased to announce that a new version 3DRACS v1.6.0 has been released with many new interesting features for SL 3D scanning, point clouds rendering, noise filtering, accurate registration, surface reconstruction, merging, decimation, as well as it comes with lots of memory fixes, improvements, maximum speed and much more. Please go to Menu->About->Check for …

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Jun 04 2013

Now 3D Objects can be embedded in a PDF, created by 3DRACS v1.6.0 and U3D file format

Now there is possibility of creating a (interactive 3D PDF ready) U3D output using 3DRACS v1.6.0, where users can rotate, pan, and zoom the object in a created 3D PDF. A sample of Acrobat Reader displaying a 3D PDF with an embedded U3D model. Download and test a 3D PDF from here: http://real3d.pk/files/embedded_3d_object_in_a_PDF.pdf

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